Thursday, February 10, 2011

Excavation & Concrete

This project calls for 2 additions to the home and a 2 car garage addition.
Britt digging the footings
Checking the footing depth
Each one requires footings, stem walls, and the garage has flat work. We were also allowed to rebuild the front steps because they did not meet current code. Our excavator is an old pro and with his quiet machine he was able to save us a tremendous amount of work. Harold Foote was also kind enough to dig for our new sewer and water lines as well as assist with demolition. Harold brought his son Britt who he is teaching the trade, just Brian is teaching his son Jason the trade of framing.
 One of the challenges of cold weather is having concrete dry without freezing the water we put into it. We brought out the blankets. Turns out concrete when doing its chemical reactions and drying creates its own heat, by blanketing... we keep the heat in and allow for proper drying prior to building upon it. Fortunately we have pretty good access to this project and pumping concrete was not necessary. there were however lots of trips with the wheel barrel.
Back filled stem walls ready to frame
Ready for alley delivery
We were also fortunate that we could stay one step ahead of the game and pour our concrete while we were working in other areas of the home. Mountain view concrete did all of the concrete on this project. We used hay to keep the soil moisture and mud down for those days that warmed above freezing.

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