Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pre Demolition Documentation

Kitchen South Wall

Kitchen North wall looking West
As any Professional Remodeler knows, proper pre renovation documentation is vital to show prospective clients, and remind the owners what the project looked like prior to starting the job. Otherwise when the big tour happens at the end, no one has any idea what you started with (This has happened on more than one occasion I am sad to say). As we say, a picture paints a thousand words. You can see this was a cramped situation. We are fortunate enough to have the home to ourselves allowing us to work on all aspects at the same time. We also have the luxury of having the ability to turn off utilities. This seems like the harshest winter in recent history which added another element of courage.Occasionally we need to do our work and have the home back to being occupied nightly.

Dining room South wall
Our challenge in this project is to maintain the charm and character of the home demonstrated by arches between the living room, hallways and divided glass windows, yet  update at the same time. In the next post I will share the plans and explain the rationale and beauty of the new plan.

Only Bathroom

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